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Funeral Services

Funeral services

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- Transportation services, namely transportation of the deceased to the mortuary and to the place of burial (funeral, cremation, farewell) on burial day. We provide the certified hearse.

- Morgue services (if necessary conduct section, certified pathologist services);

- Preparation of all necessary documents (medical certificate, death certificate, pension SSIA, grave digging);

- Reservation of the day and time for the burial, order of the grave;

- Arrangement of the ceremony (civil or ecclesiastical, taking into account the religion of the deceased, the clergy of various denominations);

- Arrangement of funeral repast;

- Transportation of relatives and friends;

- Arrangement of the funeral;

- Burial in the ground;

- Cremation;

- Coffins, wreaths, national blankets, candles and other attributes for the funeral;

- Other funeral services.

Our staff is ready to listen to your requests and help you to choose those funeral services, which are suitable exactly for you, as well as to inform you about the prices and additional possibilities.

The funeral agency Rant-ANP guarantees the quality of the funeral service and respect for the deceased and their family.